Essential books for medical students

The White Coat Investor

All doctors are pretty much known for not being financially literate among bankers. This is for a reason. We may take pride in our career accomplishments but when it comes to dealing with our hard-earned money we are the worst offenders. Doctors are known to splurge on unnecessary and ridiculous shiny things and then getting forced to work even longer hours to pay for them. In my opinion, this book is a must-read as it will help you form the foundation for getting financially free.

When Breath becomes Air

Dr. Paul Kalanithi was a neurosurgery resident at Standford. He himself was struggling through cancer and he writes an in-depth account of his own mortality. He experiences being a physician and a patient. The cases he describes will help you keep your ego in check and help you develop an all-encompassing approach to human mortality. This will help you tremendously in dealing with day-to-day issues that arise while being a physician.

Stick with it

This book is quite close to my heart. As someone who constantly struggled due to juggling between various projects. I am one who learned the lessons here the hard way. I was the guy who juggled four things at once. I used to think that by having many avenues open I would have greater chances to succeed. I was totally wrong here. Focusing on one avenue with full attention is what is needed to succeed in this world. I am not saying that you need to only have one goal in life. No, you should have many goals and aspirations but you should focus on just one at a time to be able to succeed. This book will definitely help to teach you this lesson in great depth and detail so that you don’t have to face the same hardships that I did.

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