About Us​

Focused on quality. Delivering results. Leaving a legacy.

Who Are We​

At Exampres, we build exceptional content that makes really hard stuff easy to understand. We reduce complexity in our explanations and our delivery to benefit students, specifically to help them succeed on their high-stakes exams. Our content experts are accomplished doctors, nurses, business professionals, and educators, and we believe it’s our duty to create the highest quality educational content on the market.
Call us geeks. Call us nerds. Call us overly obsessive. But make no mistake about it, when you have a make-or-break exam, our experts have made us the company you can rely on. We are the most user-friendly test prep company on the market, and we’ll help you know what to expect—and how to succeed—on test day.

Social Responsibility

From the content we create to the professional organizations to which we belong, we are rooted in ethics and corporate citizenship. We do our best to be grateful and responsible corporate citizens. We partner with Edhi and Trust Hospitals. These partnerships allow us to attend those in need and provide free healthcare. These are some of the small ways in which we give back and show appreciation for the ICT area we call home.

Join Our Team and Make an Impact

We employ only the most talented individuals who share our passion and commitment to producing the highest quality educational content on the market today. Search for our open positions on LinkedIn.

Our Core Values


Everything we do positively impacts student learning. We are trusted to deliver the highest quality, so students will succeed.


We innovate to serve students, drive our growth and win our markets. We’re curious, try new things and aren’t afraid of taking risk.


We reduce complexity in our questions, our explanations and our delivery. We make really hard stuff easy to understand.


We work together to achieve shared goals to accomplish great things. We share ideas, collaborate, and respect each other.


Our work is challenging. We receive feedback, learn from our mistakes, and continuously improve to achieve superior results.


We deliver amazing products. We prioritize, making the best use of our time and our team’s time to deliver the greatest impact for UWorld.

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