A cure for the body, not just the disease.

I dive deep into medical diseases and health problems and ways to improve your day to day health and physique. A cure to improve your daily living.

Hi, I Am Dr. Ibrahim

I Am A Medical Doctor & I Write About Medical Diseases, Drugs and Cures

Do check out my articles to learn more about the surrounding world as in this day and age there is a lot of fake science being sprouted about by most online gurus and most of the stuff they recommend is just wrong. Learn the science and the actual ways to better look after yourself.



Learn about what prevention is and what are its types. What are the optimum and required preventions to keep yourself healthy.


Food & Diet

Learn how just by changing your basic diet and eating habits can you add almost 10 years to your life span.

Cure for the body not just the disease.


Diseases and Cure

Learn about the various infectious and chronic diseases and ways of curing or improving them all according to the most current medical literature.



Training is not just physical but mental as well. Learn how to train your body to better adapt to and cope with the day to day stresses.

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A Cure for the body not just the disease.

“ I have been reading about the ways to improve my child health ever seen my boy got measles and came to realize that it was preventable if i had given my child the MMR Vaccine.”

Martha Smith
A Cure for the body not just the disease.

“ I was a patient of Dr. Ibrahim. He taught me a lot about my ankylosing spondylitis and guided me in the ways to improve my back soreness. ”

Sequoia Li

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Just drop me an email and i will try my best to respond. No specific medical advice can be given as it requires a visit with your doctor.