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I dive deep into the various pathways and exams you need to undertake to achieve your dreams of being a health professional.

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Hi, I am Dr. Ibrahim

I am a resident surgeon & I created this website to explain the various careers and paths in the healthcare profession.

Do check out my articles to learn more about the various career pathways and professional exams that you need to undertake in order to enter and prosper in the medical and healthcare professions.

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We discuss in-depth details on medical studies careers and exams


I teach about the various careers in medicine. Most people are not aware of the many specialized career pathways in healthcare other than being a doctor and I will explain all of them here.

Professional Exams

Most people get confused about the professional exams that are a must in the field. I will explain the syllabus and the requirements that are necessary for each one of them.

Courses and Drills

I will mention the various courses and drills that each healthcare professional would need to undergo in order to get a job, e.g. ATLS, ACLS, BLS, etc.

Private Practice

Private practice has two sides. The business side and the patient care side. I talk about the ways to manage both sides simultaneously and about building a team.

medical studies careers and exams

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medical studies careers and exams

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medical studies careers and exams

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